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Native American Wedding Vases
(Contains 8 photos)
Infuenced by a wonderful vistit to Arizona and Utah.
Smoked Pots
(Contains 8 photos)
Patterns inspired from African textiles.
(Contains 24 photos)
The Japanese influence has resulted in stoneware thrown pieces, rice, noodle bowls, tea bowls, tea pots and sushi plates.
Buddha Masks and Tibetan script ware
(Contains 11 photos)
Images of the Buddha have throughout history been used to help uplift and empty the mind, and act to remind the viewer of the values of wisdom, compassion and non-violence.
The Studio
(Contains 17 photos)
The Shop
(Contains 7 photos)
Oriyoki Wedding Oriyoki Wedding
(Contains 10 photos)
DSC_5030 Impressions of Nature
(Contains 14 photos)
DSC_5124 Christmas Gifts
(Contains 30 photos)
Italiano Coffee Cups
(Contains 41 photos)
Adult Students Work
(Contains 43 photos)
Children's Work
(Contains 18 photos)